What started as a hobby 3 years ago landed me a paid Ambassadorship with a trip to Hollywood!

On Melrose in Hollywood

Ladies and gentlemen, you can no longer buck the system…the horse has left the gate (pun intended). Social Media is here to stay and you should be using it as a productive tool in your personal and professional life especially if you are a small business owner.

Social Media, the new “white picket” fence is where people gather to share ideas, inspiration, images and everything in between!  It is where consumers search before they shop and as a business owner you need to be where these customers hangout!

I am a Social Media Maven and a Boomer who blogs with a millennial mind. I’m here to help you navigate the weblogs and social media platforms in a non-technical,  fun and family-friendly way.

So grab a cup of coffee, a spot of tea or perhaps a glass of red wine (it is good for the heart ya know), and let’s get started Blogging with Blake!

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