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Hello friends, I just read this very timely post over at  I wanted to share it with you because it contains several blogging tips that are quite useful – enjoy!


How to Do Outstanding Writing on a Blog

How to improve writing #writingtips

Do you ever answer questions at Quora?

If not, I recommend it. You get to read questions about your blogging niche, points of confusion that you thought were crystal clear.

When I answered questions about blogging, these were some of the questions I was asked:

How do I write for a blog? 

What is the best way to write for a blog?

My English isn’t good, so how can I write the perfect blog? 

Fortunately, guest author Andy Bell is here to answer these questions. However, he takes his tips one step further.

Once you’ve mastered the art of writing for a blog, you can financially profit from doing so.

Does writing for a blog take mastery? Andy, take it away!

Best 5 Ways to Improve Your Writing with These Strategies

If there’s one thing that can make you money either online or offline, that is writing.

It is one of the work ideas that can be done even in the comfort of your home. It doesn’t require you to have a higher degree; as long as a person has passion and love to write, it can be possible.

However, not all of us are given the talent to write effectively. There are instances that writing can be intimidating due to vocabulary that is an important tool in every writer’s toolbox. Good vocabulary along with grammar, punctuation, and other [factors] can make writing more effective and powerful.

Improving writing skills is very challenging. In fact, many people are hiring professionals to help them.

The good news is that you can enhance your writing skills on your own as long as you’re willing to learn.

There are many ideas and [a wealth of] information over the internet that can help you in the process.

It’s normal to commit mistakes in writing because even professional do.

  1. Stay on Topic. Staying on the topic can be tough, but a writer should observe and practice it. To make the writing more effective, it’s important not going too far the main point of the topic. This way the readers won’t be confused about what you’re trying to say.
  2. Use a thesaurus. Improving your writing skills is not an overnight task. The process will take time, and using a thesaurus or a dictionary can help a lot. Your vocabulary will beef up if you’ll make it a habit to use a dictionary to learn new words and their meanings. Adding new word every day to your vocabulary can eventually improve your writing.
  3. Practice new words. It’s not enough just to learn new words every day. It would be useless if it’s not put into practice. In order to remember the words and become part of your vocabulary, you should practice them in divergent ways. This way it will settle in your memory and mind. Jot them down along with the definition and use them in a sentence or in a conversation.
  4. Edit your work. Definitely, your writing won’t improve unless you learn how to edit your work. Editing can help in identifying the overused words and writing mistakes. It can also assist in improving the clarity, style, and tone of writing. This can be done by reading what you write aloud and take note of those that lack precision. As you do the process of editing, replacing words isn’t enough; make sure you use better words.
  5. Read on a regular basis. Reading regularly and consistently is the key to improving your vocabulary and writing skills. Do you notice people who read more widely have a better vocabulary as compared to those who seldom read? If you’re reading, you should expose yourself to a wide range of vocabulary and diversify the topics. Avoid reading the same topic over and over again.

How Writing Can Lead to Making Money

Writing good content can be used as a marketing strategy. That’s why it’s important to possess effective writing skills. You can make money through writing once readers become interested in your content or post.

Enrolling for a writing course is advantageous.

Admin Blogger’s Note: Many people believe in order to make money blogging, you need to be self-hosted, but that is not necessarily true. If you are interested in making money from blogging, even if you are not self-hosted, you will find links to articles with explanations in the Related Posts section at the bottom of this post.

Author Bio: Andy Bell is an everyday learner and editor, working at Internet Learning Centre. He is passionate about helping online learning businesses to achieve their goals. He loves tutoring and his favourite subjects are math and English, but he has also taken honours classes in science and history. Outside the classroom, he enjoys tennis.

Readers, please share, so others can benefit from Andy’s writing tips.

Andy shared five writing tips. What do you think is the best? Are there any other tips for copywriting or blog writing you can recommend? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

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