Stop Pimping Your Blog For Money

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Yesterday I celebrated my 4th year as a Blogger on WordPress – Yay Me!  However, in May 2010, I started DeDivahDeals on the platform so actually I have been blogging for almost 6 years. 

This new blog, Blogging with Blake was created in May 2015 and my tagline is, “From a Hobby to Hollywood” which is why it burns me up when I see a social media post from a newbie blogger that reads something like this:


“I need to get my nails done; let me hit up a local salon and pitch my blog to do a review so that I can get a free manicure”

I may be stretching it a bit and those aren’t the exact words, but the message is the same.  It upsets me to the point that I just want to run out into the streets, jumping up and down screaming at the top of my lungs – STOP IT – JUST STOP IT! 

Stop Pimping Your Blog for a few cheap freebies! 

stop sign

I know there will be some who’ll read this post and disagree, which is fine, but a true blogger who is worth their weight in gold is a hard working, perfectionist.  One that spends a great deal of time ensuring that his/her posts are worthy of far more than just a free Gel Nail Manicure!

Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that when I first started blogging it was just a hobby, a way to fill a void.  It was a way to share my voice with like-minded people so when I got my first paid sponsored post I was over-the-top excited, so much so that I lost the damn check! 

However, once I realized that this hobby could be turned into something much more, that I could actually EARN money blogging, that realization came with more pride in what I wanted to promote to my readers. 

Had I any idea that years later I would be selected to become a Brand Ambassador for Depend and be featured in an national ad campaign for Walmart.  


I was flown to Hollywood, California along with two other bloggers to promote the product on Melrose Place!

hanging out in Hollywood


This little hobby had also rekindled my passion for teaching which is why ABlake Enterprises was created last November.  I not only wanted an outlet to share my knowledge of all things Social Media but I also wanted to educate others on how to start a blog.  I have been conducting workshops since 2013 via The Money School of Delaware and enjoying every minute of it despite the fact it’s voluntary.

teaching at the Bear Library

Blogging has also provided me an opportunity to meet and collaborate with many other hard working bloggers who are creative perfectionist that have used their blogs to escalate them to new heights.  Some of them have even worked hard enough to be on television programs and others have left their full time jobs and are now making over 100K a year! 

 So when I read a statement such as “use my blog for a spa or discounted hotel room” it really causes me to wonder why?

Stop pimping your blog for a few bucks so that in the long run, your blog can become a career that will increase your income.  Earning you enough so that you can travel and “get your nails done” in some exotic place that is much further than the local salon down the street!

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12 thoughts on “Stop Pimping Your Blog For Money

  1. Great advice! I do know I do reviews as a way to build content on my blog… I do enjoy the freebies but I have gotten to the point I turn a lot down. I want to step up to the next level! And you know I totally admire you so I will be gleaning from your advise 🙂

    • Yes, and I love your reviews and I love doing them as well, even with products I own. But you have to be careful as to what you put out there because sponsors are looking at Bloggers most closely, and we don’t need to appear cheap.

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