Hashtags and Tips to Promote your Next Event

Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts on your personal Timeline or Page. This helps people find posts about topics they’re interested in. To make a hashtag, write # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase and add it to your post, i.e. #blogging Tips to Promote your Next … Read more

Beating Boomer Bias on Social Media

Beating Boomer Bias on Social Media I recently read a few articles about boomers returning to the work force, either due to job layoffs and downsizing or because they became bored after retiring. However, many felt like a fish out of water when it came to social media and today’s technology.  Many thought that employers … Read more

What is Periscope?

I am trying to be more active on Periscope but so far it really hasn’t excited me, I did however, want to share a great article that I read on Marie Claire that explains it all.  If later, I do decide to become more active on Periscope. you’ll be able to view my scopes @ambde which … Read more

Social Media & A Blog – Twitter

Social Media & A Blog – Twitter I said it before and I’ll say it again! Social Media allows you to reach more people because it’s social. It provides a bigger audience, your blog may show up in searches but until people know about it, you are not likely to get a lot of traffic. … Read more

21 Twitter Facts

21 Twitter facts that may surprise you! 1.  The hashtag (#) first proposed by the user Chris Messina debuted in August, 2007. The common wisdom at the time was that it would be “too techy” to catch on. Chris now has over 75,000 followers. 2.  The US Airways crash in New York City’s Hudson River … Read more