R E S P E C T … tell me what it means to me?

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R E S P E C T…tell me what it means to me?

Aretha FranklinTo most of you reading this post right now, you know that these are the lyrics to an Aretha Franklin song, but it should also be your daily blog mantra. 

R E S P E C T yourself and your blog

R – Rest and Relax

As a blogger is seems as though even when our bodies are at rest, our minds are still running a mile per minute. Don’t forget to slow down…shut down and rejuvenate your mind and body.

The blogosphere won’t stop revolving if you sleep in a little later, disconnect from technology and enjoy some quality time with family and friends.

E – Eat Right

Keep your body well fed and hydrated. Just as your vehicle needs fuel to operate efficiently, your body also needs fuel to run effectively and efficiently.

fuel your body

S – Smile

When you look into a mirror and smile, you can’t help but be happy. So smile everyday because it will create happiness and a happy blogger has happy readers!

P – Positive

Inspiration and positivity will bring in more page views and shares on social media. What you put out you get back so put out positivity.

take a little time to enjoy mother nature

E – Enjoy

The passion you have for blogging will come across to your readers and they will enjoy reading your posts.

C – Care

Community of bloggers care and share. Oftentimes, these virtual friendships become real friendships leading to camaraderie and support just when you may need it the most.

T – Take Time Off

Just when you think you can’t do anymore or feel like the ideas have stopped flowing…STOP! Wait a minute…and Take Time Off! Live life, step away to Rest, Relax and Repeat!

Do you R E S P E C T yourself and your blog?

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