Cleaning Up Clutter On Pinterest

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Cleaning Up Clutter On Pinterest

I cannot believe that I just spent the last 2 hours pairing down over 200 Pinterest Boards that had more than 2000 Pins. It was just as time consuming as cleaning out a messy desk drawer in my office which as you can see I have yet to accomplish!

Cleaning Up Clutter on Pinterest


I will be the first to admit that even though I am all things social media, I was not an active user of Pinterest. I do have an active account and will pin pictures from my blog posts, but very rarely did I ever take the time to read through the various boards of those who I followed.

That all changed last week when I actually took the time to search and find a lot good information that has helped with my role as a Social Media Manager with A.Blake Enterprises.

During my last Social Media and Small Business Workshop, I pulled up my Pinterest account to show the attendees and someone said, “wow, you have over 200 boards” which even shocked me!

So Sunday night while hubby and the mini men watched the Eagles beat the Giants, I began the process of reducing the clutter from my Pinterest Boards. This is what I did to clean up the clutter and pair the boards down to 65 and counting.

  • Deleted boards that had less than 5 Pins
  • Moved Pins from one board to another with categories better suited
  • Put the Boards with pins that link back to my blog across the top  
  • Left Boards that were no longer of interest

I still have a lot more cleaning up to do, including making sure they all have good descriptions and links back to my websites, but just like any de-cluttering project, it’s going to take time and I needed to get something to eat.

Pinterest Board for DeDivahDeals

Do you have any Pinterest clean up tips?  

Oh if you do not use Pinterest as part of your social media marketing plan, here’s an article from the Social Media Examiner with 6 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Marketing Results which may change your mind.

  • #1: Optimize Your Page

  • #2: Design Content to Support Goals

  • #3: Be Strategic With Your Pinning Schedule

  • #4: Design Skinny Images

  • #5: Write Detailed Descriptions

  • #6: Test Various Pin Times

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Clutter On Pinterest

  1. I want to get better at creating pins that look nice this year. So I can increase my traffic from Pinterest. So I’ve been trying out Canva instead on Pic monkey and I have found that a Canva isn’t as hard to use as I initially thought. I

    • Yes Sonya, I like Canva much better when it comes to creating Pinterest Pic, especially the graphics. Thank you for supporting both blogs!

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